What We Do

Arm of Love International works to drive change for the development and wellbeing of children and adolescence in Africa through a comprehensive three way program approach of Educate, Protect and Support [EPS].


We work in developing countries in Africa to support quality learning for children, especially those left behind or in greater danger of exclusion. Our education intervention remains a practical tool through which we campaign and act for long-term change in the lives of children and youth. Our education activities and programs are delivered through a threefold approach of Secure, Improve and Develop [SID]:

Secure - good quality learning for children that need it most.

Improve - children and adolescence’s participation and retention in school through improved access to nutrition and health care they need to thrive.

Develop - and deliver customised learning programs for children living in crises affected areas and communities where we work.


Children should be given the right to learn and grow up in a safe and inclusive environment.

We initiate and support programs that guarantee wide access to children’s protection and survival irrespective of their race, color, background or religion. These include but not limited to the following interventions:

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  

  Access and Services.

Health, Education and Learning.

Shelter and Care to vulnerable  

  or underprivileged children

  including those separated

  from families because of war,

  crises or natural disaster,

  exploitation [such as trafficking,

  forced labor] and extreme



The organisation identifies lifesaving opportunities and delivers support to the most needy; accelerating tangible social and life transforming

results for the most vulnerable children and youths.

We mobilise resources and expertise to provide direct relief and humanitarian assistance [essentials for their survival] to cater for the specific needs of children and adolescence in times of need, crises such as war or natural disaster-helping them to feel safe during an unsafe situation.