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Prison Outreach

Over the past few years the support team in Cameroon with the help of local penitentiary officials in Buea prison carried out health awareness campaigns to juveniles.

Advocacy and Child Education


Fight to protect the right of children to education...

For over two years the Anglophone crises in Cameroon has affected the learning and education process of thousands of children and youth in Cameroon due to the burning and shutting down of most schools in many communities. Through the Arm of Love Day-care, Nursery and Primary Education Center Project, we were able to support and facilitate the continuous education of conflict affected children in more than 4 rural communities in Buea – Cameroon.


A major challenge to project execution...

The poor state of roads in Banyo, in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon are a major challenge to accessibility.

Developing the Next Generation of African Leaders...

In the past years, we at our foundation have worked diligently on improving the school system to educate our young children of Cameroon better. We believe education is a critical step in creating a sustainable future for our continent. With your help, we want to take the next step in this development. We want to go beyond just good education; we have set ourselves the goal to develop the next generation of African leaders, whether it is in business, manufacturing or sports. To equip our young people with the skills and competences to bring our society forward, using their entrepreneurial spirit as their primary driver. It will be an educational system where the best of knowledge about education developed from the West will be integrated, enriched and adapted for African society.

We believe in our young people, from whichever layer of society they might come. They will move us forward towards the bright future for which our continent has been preparing itself for a long time. It will be a future made for Africans by Africans, where the affluent will help the poor because this future will belong to all.

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