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Charitable status (“ANBI” status)

Stichting Arm of International is recognised as an ANBI (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”, or organisation for public benefit), rendering your financial support deductible for tax purposes.

General information

Registered name: Stichting Arm of Love International

RSIN/tax registration number: 852635837

Contact details

Phone: + 31 (0) 636348768



Address: Rembrandtweg 273, 1181 GK Amstelveen



Making Change Possible and sustainable for all, by educating, protecting and supporting children and other disadvantaged groups in developing countries.


Arm of Love International works to drive change for the development and wellbeing of children and adolescence in Africa through a comprehensive three-way program approach of Educate, Protect and Support [EPS].

Current policy

Stichting Arm Of Love International 2021 Annual Plan

Our goals for 2020

Objective is to support local foundation in Buea- Cameroon so that they become stronger, become more

powerful and vital. At the beginning of 2020, the strategic plan 2020-2021 was to established the following:

1. Motivate and coach our local foundation in Buea Cameroon to enhance the volunteer experience

2. Self-awareness: all foundations can clearly and inspiringly communicate their working methods and explain impact.

3. Focus on the volunteers: They are the power behind our organisation. It’s important to treat the groups of volunteers

as the client and to put the volunteer experience even more central and to invest in their relationship with the organisation,

we set up a good sustainable relationship approach.

4. To work together as a community: Giving the Local foundation a feeling of togetherness and

connection. We want even more to initiate a process where information is easily accessible (online and offline),

where we exchange experiences and share knowledge.  Arm of Love International wants to share the goal of community

awareness and relationship whereby results of mission, vision is experience as a unified body.

5. To emphasis the needs of the Local Foundation Arm OF Love International Buea – Cameroon by

establishing personal contacts with local coordinator and board members, meetings and in other social media platforms

such as our Facebook to bring in clarity and transparency in our activities.

Arm of Love International Nederland supports local foundation in the following areas.

1. Advice and support

2. Training and Equipment

3. Meet and Share mutual knowledge.

4. Relationship management and fundraising for funds.

5. Representation and Relationships in marinating national contacts and networks with companies,

governments, civil society organisations, churches, politics and media.

6. Execution of the 'strong fund-raising' course in collaboration with local foundations

7. Monitoring and management, supervision of the working methods of the local foundation in Buea- Cameroon.

8. Innovation and Development monitoring local innovative good practices and making them applicable


Arm of Love International Netherlands for 2020-2021 experience a challenge in Fundraising. There is the continuous

search for (structural) financing which is something that is not so easy to attain. A more concise and

specific approach will be considered in the future.

The Board:

The members of the Board are:

Pam Roos (President)

Hans Mosselman (member)

Nigel Pass (Marketing Director)

Caroline Bate (Secretary)

Bridget Bate (Director of communications)

Stella Ngole (member)

Peter Klaver ( member )

Emmanuel Bate (Country Director Cameroon)

Gladys Bate (Member)


Board member expenses: None

Non-excessive attendance fees for the Board: None

Disclosure of Board remuneration: Board members are unpaid

Volunteers only Charitable Organisation

Annual reports.

Arm of Love International considers transparency important. That is why we choose to publish our annual reports.

The Board of Arm of Love International accurately account for their work. The board is responsible for financial reporting.

In this way we want to provide insight into our goals and results.

At Stichting Arm of Love International you can be sure that gifts are used for our organizational goal:

helping to educate, support and protect vulnerable children in Cameroon.

Financial reports:

Annual Report 2020